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Passive Resistance to Society Protecting Passive Aggression With Laws that Rule Social Behavior, Globally

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 11:42, about half of the day, gives you a break from all the bad news.



am or pm. midnight sun or 28 days of no sunshine, or just before midnight or midday?  cycles of event horizons between the changes that never end just the lifetimes added never the same since specific arrival and random departure conception to extinction of the species adapting to the moment in this specific universal location now.


Intellect plays insulate and isolate because that is what instincts do to navigate as one of a kind living simultaneously here in their exact order of biologically positioned now a species adapts currently.


I am so damned tired of those using that against their own kind just to make an advantage by mob mentalities selling individuals the opportunity to cheat actually being alive naturally.


Societal evolution is pure genius and complete insanity and laws that rule social activity in every society are geared to silence anyone being passively completely honest where punishment for doing so is surrendering their lifetime efforts trying to fit in and not being unquestioningly loyal, hence why there exists a silent majority.


that is what seeking truth, social justification, and state of mind ways to the means real doesn't count and anyone not complying will suffer watching their next generations being removed before the honest person is eliminated from hearts, minds, bodies, and humanity's soul purpose to govern lifetimes dedicated to ignoring now is Eternity.


"It is what it is alright.". Human socially designed Eternal Hell self inflicted bby our own ancestries.  I see the mistakes, I rather forgive than become extinct and stop enabling those directing social suicide thinking human intelect was a gift to cheat self containment and natural perpetual motion, which is kind of like a miracle really.


Now is the element of what God would be if one existed by any label of possibilities.


Oops that second coming personality glowing.

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