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Maybe I Should Start Consulting Company Named

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Simplist Solutions For Human Ancestral Wows. My origami will be my trademarks per topics of where human societal engineers corrupted mankind by design. From the core of being eternally separated in biological order.


I represent physical absolutes and self evident results every society denied historically.


anyone want to invest and help?


I can guarrantee you will be shot in less than a year.



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1 minute ago, XavierOnassis said:

By all means, sole, start a company based on your clever origami

Get BigTex to invest in it. Maybe skans will get in after you make BigTex think he is rich.


I have to plan something to replace not posting here.

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2 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

Being as everyone but you is corrupt and dishonest, according to you, and you alone.

How does life actually work naturally with or without homo sapien species?  really humbling to understand why one does exist.

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12 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

It is all about  one male, sitting in a room with his computer every day, typing unintelligible nonsense. For you, that is life.


Life is what the person living makes of it, of course.

You really are distracting everyone from what I say. Thank you for showing how deep what I completely understand has you in absolute terror hiding behind inverted logic. Thing is I understand human behavior by those having absolute power of directing social outcomes in the global theater of mind over matter matters as historically being recorded now.


My joking around with this is sparking my memories of standing up against the little cwa union in 1983 and crossing the picket line during a legal nationally sanctioned strike to spite the policiies of no equal justice, just seniority prevails rules.


Oh crap!, instruct at an adult education center? 

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