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If and when we go Green


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I would say in the collective, like I would demonstrate that corporations would soon follow suit,

because, corporations are by the way people.


Well they are not, but they are situated legally with investors, and people do invest, or they don't.

Ah, Heuristics. The Greek.To find a way, to discover a different approach to problem solving 

that one day might save the world for all.


You know the logic, make it clear as day. Convince people of something that cannot be discredited.

It's not like saying Greed is Sin. A lot of things are Sin, and yet, who you gonna put in jail?


Evolutionary, like an inflection point in time. Not like sowing the seeds of hate, that some might 

have been trying to do in the last century, but something vastly different, something so much more

than cavalier and thought to be trite. 


We have problems now with the new technology regarding communication.


I need Titanium, who doesn't.


I mean I need a steel alloy I can count on, in a multitude of ways. It's just got to make sense.






Possibly you?



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