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I don't have much "Political" 2 Say Anymore

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7 minutes ago, Five By Five said:

75% of Americans will be happy you are shutting your yap.


Please smack them in the face and tell them this is their country too


More Smooth Late Night NHB Jazz



Let me tell ya something about Farmers..


They tough son of a b-words..


Remember the Farm Crisis of 1980s..


Those that "survived" the 80s came back STRONGER

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8 hours ago, Karl Childers said:

Kinda gave up on that Rat race..


What I can say though is ain't NO LOVE in FARM Country 4 Trump right now


Soybeans alone have "Crashesd" below "production" co$t..


that being the "outlay" just to plant and harvest..


Keep that in mind


Farm country has nothing in common with Trump Karl. They trusted a grifter that will bankrupt every one of them to put money into his own pockets, because he's in hock up to his eyeballs to the Russian mob. 

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