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Kim Kardashian For President 2024

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4 hours ago, Hex2 said:

Why not,

Her ass is as big as Trumpos mouth.

Neither know WTF is going on in the real world.


That's a timeline I've always wondered-about!!

Who came-up with big-booty.....when FAT-ASS has always worked, so well?



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20 minutes ago, RollingRock said:

There isn't enough beer on this planet to make me drunk enough to vote for that vapid bimbo.


How much beer did you consume when you voted for Susan Collins? Or failed to vote against Trump?



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43 minutes ago, Five By Five said:

why is it wrong??  Why do you care if some one prefers to masturbate?


Dude their is no basis for saying interracial relationships are wrong

Who is talking about masturbate?   It’s breeding and one should breed within their race to pass on their genes cleanly and purely 

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