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Day 2 of ‘Manafort’ deliberations...

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Hmmmmm.... a little surprised its taking this long.


Lots of evidence to comb through.  Perhaps the jury is just doing their due diligence.


I wonder what the chances are we see a strange turn of events...


I dunno... I still think he’s found guilty.


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Hung jury or a NOT GUILTY is perhaps in the making here.

4 QUESTIONS to the Judge that indicate they are having REAL issues with the governments case.


I get the feeling they see it as a GOVERNMENT WITCH HUNT in an attempt to "get Trump" instead of prosecuting an actual crime.



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The delay is the paper evidence wasn't matched up to every single charge so the jury has to do this, there are about 18 different charges he's facing so I think this deliberation may take some more time. One of the first things this jury asked for was a larger room to probably sort through all the documentation. 

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19 minutes ago, rippy38 said:

Typically, the longer a jury deliberates, the more likely and aquittal or hung jury is the result.


Don't worry, Manafort is facing a second trial anyway.




If he gets an outright acquittal, much of the same evidence is part of that trial.


They MAY opt to non-pros if this happens.

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Democrats Frighten Manafort Jurors. “Why do you suppose seven news organizations–all liberal, presumably–wanted to know who the jurors are and where they live? They are worried that the jury, having heard the evidence, may not render the ‘right’ verdict, i.e., the one that helps the Democratic Party. So they want to know who the jurors are so they can apply pressure on them through mob action, newspaper denunciations, online harassment and so on. This is how today’s Democratic Party operates. If the jury fails to render the Democrats’ preferred verdict, what do you suppose Maxine Waters will suggest Democrats should do to the jurors if they venture out in public?”

Once I would have thought this paranoid, but I’ve learned that this is how they operate.

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