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Greed, Power and Politics The Dismal History of Economics and the Forgotten Path to Prosperity

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Why is economics important? Is capitalism bad? Do stimulus plans and low interest rates help in an economic downturn? What really caused the Great Depression and the Great Recession? Do tariffs and other protectionist policies help or hurt an economy? What is the true path to prosperity? This fast-paced, easy to understand guide not only answers these questions but includes a wide array of interesting topics while providing clear and illuminating explanations for each one.

   Daniel Cameron explains the benefits of the free enterprise system, while advocating a robust role for government to enhance prosperity. Drawing from over forty years of experience, he proposes economic reform based on value, not as determined by politicians, special interests or policy wonks, but by us, the citizens and true owners of the United States of America. If implemented, these ideas can lead to prosperity for all countries of the world.

   In his book Greed, Power and Politics, The Dismal History of Economics and the Forgotten Path to Prosperity Cameron takes on the pseudo-wisdom of modern economics, big banks, the Federal Reserve, lobbyists, Congress, several U.S. Presidents (both Democrat and Republican), Marx, Keynes, Greenspan and even Louis the IV. His arguments rise above the rancor of today’s political environment; instead, ending in a positive message of hope for all nations of the world.

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