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Yet another black man long in prison exonerated - this person after 45 years. NHB racists angry.

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I think the link doesn't link to what you think. ☺️


Can you give us another link? Also to the NHB area?



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4 hours ago, laripu said:


What a travesty. The poor man. I hope he gets the compensation and can get some satisfaction out of the remaining years of his life. I hope he can see his kids again.


Thanks for posting the link.


It is. What the story didn't make clear is why the guy who did it claimed this person was involved when he wasn't - it's one thing when they tell that lie to avoid conviction, but doesn't make much sense to just get him also convicted. A lesson here is that he got a life sentence based on the criminal saying he was involved and no other evidence he did it.

This is what people need to realize. No one likes an innocent person to be convicted, but what that means as a jury is that faced with a confessed murderer claiming someone was involved, they have to vote 'not guilty' without more proof despite it seeming very likely he was guilty so they'd be freeing a murderer. Juries have a hard time doing that.


But was the statement of the murderer really 'proof beyond a reasonable doubt'? Yes, it was very incriminating, and most of the time such a statement is probably right, and they would be freeing a murderer. But it hardly seems like 'beyond a reasonable doubt'. But it's quite hard to 'let a murderer go' because of that small chance it's a lie. So you get this result.

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    Liberals are going to hell.

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  • Happy Anniversary, America... on your Civil Union.

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    All lives matter.

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