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Morning Joe 2017: "We are so close to a nuclear war with North Korea"

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trump and mikey cohen were walking down the street when a big titted porn star passed by. duirty don said " I would love to fcuk her".

crooked mikey said " out of what?"



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13 hours ago, RollingRock said:

Because Trump never lies or makes personal attacks, right?  :rolleyes:  


Nice diversion trying to protect old lying harry




13 hours ago, harryramar said:

gee none of you hypocrites like me? I am dying of grief.

prove n-me wrong with this simple test ....say out loud that trump should tell the truth to mueller.

if you won't because you are that dishonest that proves me point.

case closed


We already did this once.

I asked about what and you went to personal attacks 

I said this was why nobody likes you and you started repeating yourself
Lather, rinse, and repeat


Here's a new question:
Are you capable of discussion or is that too difficult for you?






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