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Is the American Left-Wing actually populist?

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What are the core principles of modern day progressivism? Most arguments I hear defending liberal policy positions involve citing how the majority of Americans support X,Y, and Z. The main electoral strategy of the DNC is voter outreach. If more people voted, than more Liberals and Progressives would be elected. The Democrats are currently opposing Trump mainly on the grounds that he is a critical threat to democracy, thus implying that enacting the will of the majority is paramount for progress to occur. In an age where Americans are becoming simultaneously more biased and less informed, is appealing to the masses a principled strategy? Or is it a populist strategy, aimed at ceasing power? Has the left-wing always been populist? Is the core of progressive morality enacting the will of the majority in order to increase the well being of the most people possible? 

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Populism is a broad term. It can mean anything from worker rights to appeals to popular bigotry. That's why there is left populism and right populism. So progressive politics are progressive, but in certain ways - stuff about the interests of the people more than the desires of the people on everything.

And in this modern age of advanced media and propaganda, there is all kinds of manipulation of public opinion so that there can be a phony populism - what was called 'astroturf' movements in contrast to 'grass roots' movements. So progressive politics are more about 'justice' - economically, in civil rights, and more.


It's not uncommon for it to be about one group that wants to discriminate against another, and progressives opposing it, and the discriminating group saying that discriminates against them. Really out political system is dominated by a plutocracy agenda, wearing many disguises for popular support.

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Is the American Left Wing actually populist?


Yes and no. 


In legislative practice, the American Left Wing is majority represented by Democratic lawmakers who vote for more moderate Left Wing, populist laws on social issues and against more Left populist legislation on economic issues. 


The Democratic Party's "Big Tent"  has, for about 35 years now, suppressed their large Progressive contingent whose populist sentiment is for equality on both social and economic issues.  Since the social half their agenda is being promoted by the Democratic Party, Progressives have been forced to continually compromise, while the wealth of the nation gets increasingly shoveled toward the very top, leaving the rest of the Nation with steadily decreasing prosperity.


Historically, attempts at third parties by Democratic Progressives have met with self-defeat by splitting the Democratic vote. allowing Republican electoral victories. 


When it comes to economic issues,  the majority of American Left Wing legislators have joined the GOP in voting for special-interest tailored legislation in return for campaign and lobbying dollars.  When it comes to social issues which the special interests, corporations and super wealthy individuals don't particularly care about,  like LGBT, race or abortion, the majority of Democratic lawmakers vote Left Wing populist.



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