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I'm Canadian. I have free health care (pay taxes for it) pay zero for drugs because I'm over 65. I had a heart attack and was treated immediately in 2003, I had cancer in 1994 and was treated immediately, and I broke my wrist in 2002 and waited for several hours in the hospital waiting area.  I draw two government pensions totaling over 1800.00 a month, and I have my company pension earned over 35 years of service. I'm lucky, very lucky to live in the greatest country on earth. We Canadians don't brag much, we are polite, and we are the worlds super power of Hockey.  

I cant resist a bit of bragging though after reading the drivel coming out of some of you. 


We Canadians have the finest health care system in the world. On the other hand you people in the USA have nothing. Get sick and if you cant afford health insurance premiums you DIE !!! If you have insurance the Insurance company decides if you get treatment.


You have cheap gas, cheap (watered down) beer,  cheap (gut-rot) whisky, a $ 700 billion dollar military budget, schools that cant even operate for 5 days a week due to budget cuts, police that murder people because of their colour, and the list goes on and on and on. The land of the brave and home of the free....how sad you are.

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Your points are very true, my country is a great country also  , right now we are under the control of a hate group that years back was call the republican party. They exist for 1% of the population and have conned enough people to get their hate candidates elected. They care  nothing about the workers in this country, they are perceived as the enemy to them. Business has had its highest profits in history from all the new wealth of the wealthiest country in the world , but we have a party who is threatening the capitalistic system here by taking away the one thing that makes capitalism work and that is the possibility of getting ahead by hard work. Since Reagan's trickle down lie nothing but pennies of this massive increase in wealth have gone to anyone except the top few wealthiest people in this country. But they would kill the golden goose so they can have it all.

   The biggest threat and enemy of this country is sitting in the white house as we speak.  The patriots in this country are hoping for a nice long jail sentence for this criminal. That gets closer every day.

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