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Swing your HO left to right. Pay her up front and fuck her all night.   Swing your HO up and down. Punch her in the nose and knock her on the ground.   zarHO is my littl

Well meet me in the corn field and I'll kiss you behind the ears.        

I miss being called a bitch & HO by Old Mack ! I wish I could hear him say it...just one more time.  

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zarHO is ready for her hot bitch & HO summer. The 54-year-old NHB poster queen is letting everybody know that she's prepared for high temperatures this season by posting a photo on Instagram of herself laying on the beach in a bikini. And while she might already be enjoying some time seaside, she said that she's down for just about anything that involves trading sex for money.









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On 6/4/2021 at 6:22 AM, Imgreatagain said:

What the fuck 

Is THIS what happens on wedding days? Jesus 


If I ever get married it will.

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Having been one of the most sadistic Correctional Officers in the Texas Penal System's history, the name Irma Grese will forever be synonymous with bitch & HOism.  


Nicknamed "zarHO"...Grese rapidly ascended to the rank of senior disciplinarian where she unleashed her vicious sexual frustrated attacks upon prisoners.


She loved kicking prisoners with her hobnailed jackboots and than making the offenders lick them, along with constantly whipping them and having her defenseless victims beg for more.  zarHO had a particularly fondness for rubbing women on their breasts with her feet.


When it came time to select who would make trusty / runner, Grese intentionally selected the most beautiful female prisoners...she could. 


zarHO was eventually quietly forced to resign when she tried to make the Warden pay double the usual price for a car date because he would not let her work any over time. It has been said she never returned to a regular job and started drinking heavy and posting at message boards.


Many believe ultraliberal fanaticism replaced this young girl's normal sex life and that her sexuality manifested itself in the brutal and sadistic treatment of her female prisoners.  But for the secret conditions of wanting to be a porno star prevailing at this time in her life, one wonders whether Irma would have kept her sexual / sadistic impulses contained or just acted them out in sexual fantasies with her partner.


She may well have grown up and become a respectable citizen, wife and mother had she lived with conservative values.

Pin on Nazi Concentration Camps
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On 4/1/2018 at 2:40 PM, Old Mack said:

Where do you suppose zarHO got those boots ?


On 4/2/2018 at 1:22 AM, Zaro said:


I'm a foot model






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The battle of Old Macks ear: The NHB hyper-poster didn't chop it off... the customer next in line attacked him in brothel row over zarHO.


There have been many theories about how Old Mack lost his ear. Some blame his descent into mental illness, others blame the shunning he got at NHB caused him to do it.  But it has never been disputed tho...that zarHO was somehow involved.








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After spending hours in the gym, zarHO has become the biggest female weightlifter of all time. Weighing in at 415 pounds, she began her career lifting beers as a teenager. 


While she is not breaking records, zarHO gets drunk and post on message boards.  To helps ends meet she sells trim by appointment only and has a long waiting list for new customers.



Holley Mangold – 415 lbs

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