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I miss being called a bitch & HO by Old Mack ! I wish I could hear him say it...just one more time.  

I knew a guy who went to LIBERALVILLE for some "recreation". A couple of weeks after returning home he noticed that his unit had turned all different colors. He went to the doctor who told him he migh

Things to do today: shun Old Mack, check in with my pimp, go to the Supermarket and than meet Maybe 13 for a drink.   Another average day.    

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zarHO, the one name that comes to mind when you think of mob women. Also known as the bitch & HO of NHB she was the nemesis of the poster known as tunafish. Although she was born into a poor family, she was forever on the hunt to become successful and rich. She started off as an accountant for NLM in Chicago before moving to Los Angeles where she became a pimp at The Flamingo Club.


Virginia Hill (2) - Fotogalerie - FDb.cz



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Dear zarHO


I think I am trying to be scammed by a women who says her name is Anna (Anya) Ivanov.


She says she loves me but needs 450 euros for a plane ticket. She sent me a copy of her passport but I don't know if its real or what. She wants me to send money to her bank account but so far I've not sent any. Now she is being nasty to me telling me in her emails I don't love her anymore. Her address she says she lives at in the City Kirov, Russian Federation. Also, she sent me her cell phone number, but says I can not get through to her because her mobile operator only takes call from Russia.


Could please you let me know if you think this is a scam.


Thank you, Old Mack


PS: I love your advice column...it is the first thing I read when I get my paper and have a coffee in the morning. 

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On 4/2/2018 at 1:22 AM, Zaro said:



I'm a foot model


“Our investigations unit is currently investigating zarHO a the alleged stolen shoe. While this investigation is underway, it would be premature and unfair to zarHO  to make any bitch & HO statements at this time.  We are still looking for a motive behind the crime, but we do have a indication podophilia was involved.  


We assure you as soon as the investigation is completed we will release a full statement concerning her bitch & HOness.




 Exhibit A:



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