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I miss being called a bitch & HO by Old Mack ! I wish I could hear him say it...just one more time.  

I knew a guy who went to LIBERALVILLE for some "recreation". A couple of weeks after returning home he noticed that his unit had turned all different colors. He went to the doctor who told him he migh

Things to do today: shun Old Mack, check in with my pimp, go to the Supermarket and than meet Maybe 13 for a drink.   Another average day.    

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A email I got last night from zarHO my favorite bitch & HO.


Sometimes I wish I never gave her my addy.


My dearest Old Mack,


You're always lighting up my heart with the cyber things you say.  You're my first cyber love, and will forever be my cyber love. Please never give up, always have faith in yourself even tho you tell me you have a small penis. As soon as I make enough $$$ to go to nursing school I will quit my job as a stripper and we will meet. Someday you will get the greatest gift of my trim that you righteously deserve.


Every post we have shared together brought us closer. I'm simply waiting to see you, so you can hold me so tight. I wake up dreaming of us sharing the same PC together.


If I never return to NHB I will never forget you.


Please know that our cyber love and I are inseparable and I would want it no other way. If time could express my love of your cyber post then its forever and a day, I can't wait to be with you, see and kiss your perfect lips.


The way I feel about your post would cause some people to call me crazy, but I call it true cyber love.


I really love you and I am sorry I bashed Catholic priest just to try and push your cyber buttons.


You're my sexy meme king !

Much hot love,


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