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Andrew McCabe resigns!

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"FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe stepped down Monday as the agency’s No. 2, multiple sources familiar with the matter told NBC News.
McCabe will remain on the FBI payroll until he is eligible to retire with full benefits in mid-March, the sources said.
One source familiar said McCabe was exercising his retirement eligibility and characterized McCabe’s decision as "stepping aside."
McCabe has been at the center of ongoing tensions between the White House and the FBI and has reportedly been on the receiving end of pressure to quit from President Donald Trump, whose campaign is being investigated for possible collusion with Russia.
Earlier this month, the Washington Post reported that after Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey, he met with McCabe in the Oval Office and asked him who he voted for in the 2016 election.
Trump, the officials told The Post, also vented his anger at McCabe over the several hundred thousand dollars in donations that his wife, a Democrat, received for her failed 2015 Virginia state Senate bid from a political action committee controlled by a close friend of Hillary Clinton."

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48 minutes ago, shintao said:

How is he a politician? Why is he dirty?

You have ducked direct question after direct question, rebuttal after rebuttal, in my threads in opposition to publicly enforced gender bending. 


And now, you presume to put direct questions, pertinent to my thesis, and expect a direct, forthright response?


I already know that if I DO respond to you, pertinently and powerfully, in a manner that puts you on the defensive, you will skirt flap your cowardly ass away from that response. 


If you wish to be treated as if you are worthy of my time, begin to behave as if you are worthy of my time, shitnow.

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16 minutes ago, Skans said:

Andrew McCabe - another Democrat Deep State Operative bites the dust.  The memo is coming out.  I wonder what's in it about McCabe? The FBI is in a world of hurt.  Roll on!

"If he'd have done what the cop said, he'd be alive today" - standard conjob cop worship, when they aren't bashing our dedicated police officers. 

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3 minutes ago, RollingRock said:

From all I read, it was forced.  Tramp wants a puppet in there who will ignore the rule of law and do what he wants them to do.




Trump want to override the constitution,

Out with the 3 equal branches of our govt.


It's only one now, His.

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1 hour ago, Hex2 said:


Wonder if it was a resign or get fired and lose your full pension?

Trump's mad at him (for having a Democrat for a wife and for not telling him who he voted for), so he probably wanted to rob him of his pension.   Trump is a vindictive, hateful sob.

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