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Trump to Test His Base With Bipartisan Call in State of the Union

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A preview of Trump's State of the Union speech:




"Trump will enter the House chamber Tuesday night as the most unpopular modern president to deliver his first State of the Union speech. He’s averaged just a 38 percent approval rating over his first year in office, according to Gallup. White House aides are marshaling allies to spread the word about the change in tone, and the direction of his prime-time address is a tacit admission that Trump’s approach to governing so far has done little to endear him to voters outside of his base.


Damaging revelations from the probe into his campaign’s possible collusion with Russia have been matched by controversies of the president’s making, with many Americans dismayed by his handling of racial issues, attacks on the media, and subverting of political norms. The result of that constant disarray, fanned by regular West Wing backstabbing in the press and a relentless series of political missteps, is a president and party who voters are resistant to crediting even for successes, including recent economic gains.

“The guy has performed so poorly and he has created such animus and a cloud of suspicion about him,” said presidential historian Robert Dallek. “The essential element for any president is credibility. If you’re not a credible or reliable spokesperson for himself, how can you govern in this country?”"



"Yet, Trump on Saturday appeared reluctant to commit to the bipartisan tone aides say he will strike. In two late-night tweets, the president said he’s offered a “wonderful” deal because Republicans want to fix the problem and “to show that Democrats do not want to solve DACA, only use it!”

“Democrats are not interested in Border Safety & Security or in the funding and rebuilding of our Military,” Trump said on Twitter. “They are only interested in Obstruction!”


Trump may also offer greater clarity on trade. His protectionist leanings have kept him at odds with the establishment side of his Republican Party. He walked away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a Pacific Rim trade pact, during his first week in office, and this month slapped tariffs on solar-panel and washing machine imports. Trump is considering similar actions on aluminum and steel imports to bolster U.S. manufacturers."



Sounds like it will be a typical low-content, high rhetoric speech.


Not sure why this article thinks that it will rile Trump's base--they all know that any  call to bipartisanship is just chaff...meant to distract.

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