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But look at Hillary

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3 hours ago, JeanMoulin said:

That's all see here anymore. The pig supporters here must be getting desperate. Very desperate.

First you want us to look for collusion with Russia.  It was found.  It was the DNC and Hilliary campaign colluding with Russia in the creation of a fake dossier on Trump.  Next you want us to find "obstruction of justice".   It was found.  It was two Hilliary supporting, Trump hating moles in the FBI doing whatever they could get away with to exonerate Hilliary and setup Trump. 


Your the ones ignoring the REAL collusion and obstruction of justice at the same time trying to divert everyone's attention to your unicorn chase.

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They pretend she is some sort of bargining chip.  Like they’re holding her captive and they’ll cut off her toes if we don’t pay them ransom.


I don’t think they realize most people do not care about her anymore.


Off w/ her toes!




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