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What happens when Tramp supporters realize they’ve been had?

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There is a reckoning that will occur. And it may be closer than most think. And when it happens it won't be pretty. There are some crazy Trump supporters out there, and the 'sane' ones will not likely have the sway to mitigate the carnage.


Evangelicals may never admit that they've made a mistake with Trump, but it should concern us when other Trump supporters like the white nationalists and militias finally see that Trump and the Right Wing Republicans screwed them. Some believe that day will never come. One must remember that McCarthyism came to an end. One should fear that the finalization of Trumpism could be violent.


Trump built his base on hate, promises to the white underclass whom capitalism left out, and promises to Evangelicals. Fulfilling some of these promises are easy while others are just impossible under the tenets of our current economic system.


The pledges to Evangelicals were not difficult to deliver. Put a Right Wing Conservative judge on the Supreme Court. Change healthcare rules to make women's choices that more difficult. Give wealthy church overlords more say in the political arena so that they can further theocratize the country. Most politicians Left and Right are afraid to tackle the evil within the church, so they pretty much get carte blanc.


His promise to build the wall while not impossible will not happen because not even the president cares. He would instead give the money necessary to construct a full-length fence, to his wealthy benefactors. Of course, he will still build portions so that his builder friends can further rip off the taxpayer. Remember a ladder or a tunnel in the most desolate area of any wall defeats its purpose.


Jobs, jobs, jobs? There is no policy the president is proposing that has the potential to create jobs on a different slope from what President Obama left. In fact, the tax cut at the expense of a spending build, like an infrastructure bill ensures that reality.


Deporting immigrants, most of whom work, is a double edge sword. Evangelicals will have to answer to their hypocrisy of breaking up families and the tenets of Christianity where they are responsible for these souls. But it is more profound; deportation will create higher prices and shortages, for produce. It means all those small restaurants and convenient stores will go bankrupt as they lose their reliable customers.


The problem for the president is not only math but economics. The problem with his less poor-class and middle-class supporters is that most are likely not sufficiently versed in these to realize Trump was selling them crap. The wealthy who voted for him knew what they were getting exactly, the further transfer of wealth from the masses to them. In other words, the pilfering of the masses.


So what happens when Trump supporters realize they've been had? We discuss that in Politics Done Right on Facebook Live.



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2 minutes ago, dontlooknow said:

They will say other people did it also and hillary needs to go to jail. You know the usual. 


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Posted 04 November 2015 - 02:21 PM

No im a republican now.
Hillary is a communist.

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5 minutes ago, benson13 said:

What happens when Tramp supporters realize they’ve been had?

lol... it's too bad you don't understand what "irony" means. 

You keep getting lied to, and stabbed in the back by your party, and you keep crawling back, begging for more. 


Look around you dumbass, the country is in better shape than it's been in, in 20 years. 

And you're upset?   Oh yea, you idiots got upset when Reagan fixed Carter's mess too. 


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2 minutes ago, slideman said:

They are already getting pissed about his shift on immigration policy.

I'm not convinced there was any shift.   I think he just demonstrated that you'll oppose ANYTHING he proposes.


ELIZABETH PRICE FOLEY: The immigration fight isn’t really about the Dreamers — it’s all politics. “President Trump’s immigration proposal offers a pathway to citizenship for approximately 1.8 million people. . . . Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, allowed approximately 800,000 individuals to stay, without any path to citizenship, for renewable three-year periods under his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order. If the Trump proposal is a hateful middle finger to Hispanics, presumably Obama’s much narrower order was a violent assault. Yet the far left’s leaders, including Congressman Gutierrez, praised DACA as an ‘antidote for do-nothingism’ and now thinks that Trump’s more robust proposal — replete with a path to citizenship — is a surefire sign of xenophobia. Such comments imply that the far left’s goal is not finding a workable solution for Dreamers but instead, keeping their base ginned up with hatred toward President Trump. By reflexively crying racism in response to reasonable policy proposals — which would achieve far more than any Democratic president or Congress has ever achieved — the political left undermines its credibility and suggests its goal is sowing racial division, not solving problems.”

Trump has made them a very generous offer, and — as I suspect he expected — they’re rejecting it and screaming racism. I think that leaves him right where he wants to be.

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1 minute ago, dontlooknow said:

Because republicans didnt want it closed. Its not that hard to understand. Remember the republicans took over the house. 

Do you even know what you're talking about...?


There was a vote on closing Gitmo and it went 90-6 against Obama....

His own party didn't want it closed!


Unless of course if you think there were 90 republicans voting that day..



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""Look around you dumbass, the country is in better shape than it's been in, in 20 years""



I see a Wayyyyy over Inflated stock market ONLY driven by FAILED Trickle Down.....and Tax Cuts for the Corporations driving it..RECORD DEBT



Not to mention home prices coming down....

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Just now, dontlooknow said:

Beachoose wont admit he has been wrong. Likwle many times before. He uses fake news site for quotes. 


^^^^^ I made tommy mad.   I reported him for violating the 5 new threads a day rule two days in a row.    Guessing something was said to him.   

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1 minute ago, dontlooknow said:

Beachoose wont admit he has been wrong. Likwle many times before. He uses fake news site for quotes. 

How about you admitting you were wrong?


The Dems didn't want Gitmo closed and the vote was 90-6...

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Just now, Z09 said:

90-6 to NOT close Gitmo...


And the Dems ran the Senate....


Well dontlooknow?


I think we have to concede the point, here, it's just true:


Both Republican and Democratic political parties serve billionaire masters and lie relentlessly to the American public.


You win?

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