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Racist Maxine Waters


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A Swarm of Vampire Bats Fly Out of Maxine Waters’ Pie Hole
The goofy granny with the James Brown hair continues to set new lows for civil political discourse as she vomits up buckets of racist bile all over President Donald Trump.
Democrat Congresswoman and poverty pimp Maxine Waters all but foaming at the mouth when she appeared on DNC propaganda organ MSNBC and lost her marbles over Trump’s “Bad wordhole” quip that in addition to Haiti and several third-world African cesspools, could also be applied to her home district.
This is so OFF the chain that it should have Waters’ relatives should be seriously concerned for her mental well-being. Please, get this woman sedated and into a mental institution as quick as possible, if not for the good of the country, then for her own safety because she is going to have an anyeurism on live TV if she keeps going like this.
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2 minutes ago, untitled said:

Maybe stop with your hatred.

Funny I point out hatred and then you try and blame me. Why do you always do that? I guess there's really nothing to say about the truth other than to pretend it belongs to someone else.



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