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Trump Lost The Election. Hillary Is The Rightful President. By bludog, 16 hours ago in "Liberals Only" Room

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Trump Lost The Election. Hillary Is The Rightful President.

I saw that thread over there.  I thought about bringing it over here for discussion, but I got lazy.  I'm glad you did.  Here's the thing, the electoral college will not change in our lifetimes; perhaps it will never change - it's the system we've always (almost) had.  It's the system that was in place when the United States sought to add additional states.  If it wasn't in place, they would not have agreed to become states.  So, it's here to stay.  Leftists will not change it, not in the next 30-40 years.


It is also the system that both candidates campaigned under, so it was a completely level playing field.  Trump won fair and square.  So did Bush II for that matter.   Bludog knows this, but refused to discuss it intelligently.  If the rules were different, Mr. Trump would have beaten Clinton structuring his campaign in a completely different manner.  He would have tweaked his campaign promises.  He would have gone after different demographics, etc.  And, he would have still beat Hillary. 

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7 minutes ago, JTZilla said:

democrats are happy that tha nlgger and hillary phucked over bernie !!!  


Yeah you dems aint too bright are you ?


Is the use of this language necessary? I'm black and if you said that to my face, your life would be altered severely.

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