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What are your ideas regarding Conservatism both today and in the past?


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The story of a lifetime in a place called Alabama. Get out the vote. Who really speaks for the poor, nobody it seems for too long. Why did Obama get elected, was it because he was black, nope.

Tell me what a message should mean. Nobody needs a handout, what they need is a fair shake. No politician no matter how savvy or shrewd their message might seem can deliver it all on their own. 

All should know that score. It's not about color of skin. If you have some kin folk who do not have healthcare insurance and they are sick, you know firsthand. It just doesn't matter how bright, how hard they work, life is true and facts are real. 


WE are a family of immigrant. Every race has incredible folk who do find a way somehow to exceed. Every race also have people down on their luck, folks who got passed over. It isn't just about giving folks a second chance. It's about finding out that many people never had any chance to start off with. Yes, it is about inequality. It's also about environmental pollution, about inefficient use and distribution of natural resource. The stuff that drives what we call money, the somewhat convoluted transaction of material wealth and human worth that in itself holds no dignity. Yeah, it's imaginary. 

You cannot take it with you when you go, less you got renters insurance. 


We are a fabric, they are a fabric, a grouping of the Y chromosome, all are descendants from the mitochondrial Eve. Hell, even Kim Jung-un _ so called rocket boy by our now crazy banana haired narcissistic president Trump who some might say has an extra X chromosome, the XXY rare disease known as Klinefleter Syndrome. It's where you own a few blocks of slum apartments and 

in a callous and very racist way try to run black folks off from inhabiting such dwellings by making them even more rancid when they might try. He calls them the blacks, in his mind. 

And says it's all okay, because it's nothing new in North America, or in Western white male history, only knowing in fact it is true. So for him it's perfectly okay. Perpetuating lies is his motto after all.

All thanks to Klinefelter, he went to the University of Pennsylvania Wartan 





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