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(R) Senator Chuck Grassley infers unlike millionaires, working-class waste money on booze & women

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""That’s why the richest deserve a break on estate taxes, says Chuck Grassley""



It is incredible how comfortable some Republicans feel. They do not mind disparaging their voters who he infers unlike millionaires, are undeserving of permanent tax cuts because they waste money on booze and women.


Republican Senator Chuck Grassley with his words made it clear what Republican politicians think about working-class America. According to the Huffington Post.

In an astonishing defense of dropping “death taxes” for individual estates worth more than $5.5 million, GOP Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley implied that people not currently affected by that tax are “spending every darn penny ... on booze or women.”


“I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing — as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies,” Grassley told the Des Moines Register in an interview published Saturday. Grassley, who serves on the Finance Committee, made the remark when asked about the Senate tax reform measure which would double the exemption for estates to $11 million for an individual and $22 million for a couple. Heirs would inherit the estates tax-free.

Grassley has some nerve. He must have forgotten that powerful Texas Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) paid to have a woman he bearly knew to come to Texas and Washington for sex. He must have also forgotten that taxpayers had to pay $84,000 to settle a sexual harassment case against Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold.


It is imperative that the Trump supporters, the Right Wing voters, the Conservative voters, the Evangelical voters precisely see what Republicans think about them when they are speaking to others.

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Unfortunately, that's the way he and all the cons (Corporate Whores) have been thinking for decades....remember in the 80s the Welfare Queens?... He just felt "giddy" because the Senate passed the bill under darkness and got the courage to say what he really feels about "the little people".

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