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American Horror Story: Cult

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I started watching this season and it is insanity at it's best. They took the election and ran with it. There is something for both sides of the political equation to look at..in a twisted kind of way :P Sad part is, pushing all of the gore and murder aside, the substance is pretty right on. Well worth a watch.


American Horror Story: Cult” opens on Election Night 2016. One group of progressive-minded voters gather to stare at the results in disgust and denial, while a young man sitting in his basement restrains his jubilation until it bursts free, his hips thrusting the television set sharing the news: Donald Trump is the next president of the United States.

“It’s the politics of fear: It always works,” someone says.

It’s not hard to see how Ryan Murphy arrived at his premise for “AHS” Season 7. To say that many Americans have been living out their own personal horror story isn’t an overstatement — not with border closings, hate speech, and potential treason all enabled by the White House — but the new season manages to undermine the left’s legitimate fears and amplify the right’s monstrous traits all in one frenzied mess of an allegory.




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