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Teabaggers/Trumpoids: ACTUALLY Having A Moment Of CLARITY??!!!

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December 3, 2017


"On a busy weeknight at the 5 Star Lanes bowling alley, in this Detroit suburb that voted heavily for President Trump*, there was little excitement about the Republican plan to cut taxes.


A 60-year-old retiree bowling with a group of girlfriends said she’s tired of the middle class having to pay more so the wealthy can become even wealthier. A few lanes away, a middle-aged woman with frizzy gray hair said that the more she hears about the plan, the more she hates it. And a group of young guys in matching shirts said they didnt even know the proposal was in the works, although they seemed skeptical that their taxes would ever go down in a meaningful way.


Ron Stephens, a 49-year-old Republican who works in purchasing for the auto industry and wrote in Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) for president, said he doesn’t expect to benefit under the proposal.


“Why are you going to lower their taxes?” Stephens said, naming some wealthy auto-titan families as examples as he waited for his turn to bowl Wednesday night. “The level of lifestyle that they have versus everyone elsewhy do they need that? It’s not that big of an impact for them, but for someone making $30,000 a year? That would have a huge impact on them.”




Sounds like some Teabaggers/Trumpoids are turnin' full-blown communist!!!!!

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9 minutes ago, PaintMyHouse said:

Those poor rich people, always needing a tax break.  Good to see a few not-so-rich are realizing they voted against themselves.


Well....ya' gotta figure....there were so-many, of them.....only in their early-30s......who'd never (actually) voted, in the past.

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