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Maybe if Trump does go to England,

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13 minutes ago, untitled said:

they will arrest him for inciting  riot. Then we will be rid of that fascist.

I think they are waiting until after a dump the slob tramp election before inviting anyone.


  • Rudd seemed to confirm that Trump’s state visit has effectively been postponed until further notice. This is not especially surprising, because it has already been revealed that Trump does not want to visit the UK until he can be sure of a warm welcome. Many MPs said the visit should be cancelled altogether. In response, Rudd repeatedly used the same formula. She said:

An invitation for the visit has been extended and accepted, but the dates and the precise arrangements have yet to be agreed.

But she made a point of thanking the MPs who asked these questions, implying that she was at least sympathetic. And she adopted the same response to the Labour MP Kevin Brennan who suggested that, given the Queen’s age, the royal wedding next year and the birth of another great-grandchild on the way, the government should use these as reasons for announcing the postponement of the visit, for three years.

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Trump’s Tweets Manage a Rare Feat: Uniting Britain, in Outrage


LONDON — One member of Parliament called him a “fascist.” Another described him as “stupid.” A third wondered aloud whether President Trump was “racist, incompetent or unthinking — or all three.”



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9 minutes ago, untitled said:



If England wanted to take back the colonies, most Americans today would welcome it.

 You bring up a good question. Did we really need to revolt and have a war with England? Would we have ended up like Canada, Australia, India and so many other English colonies without a revolution? Granted, it would have taken at least a 100 years, but was the bloodshed worth it?

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