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Joe Scarborough..."republiKans are wondering Tramps Mental Stability"

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5 minutes ago, benson13 said:

Its one of the MANY that quit the gop....and now after not being in Office sounds off about his Criminal party



why don't they say anything why they are in Office????....vs falling in line as they always do

Why don't you ask yourself riding on the bandwagon of beleiving anything other than now eternally separating ancestry by conception to extinction doesn't change because of what humans choose to believe cradle to grave ancestrally reciting what they learned after birth not accepting all they are since conception.

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1 minute ago, benson13 said:

thats funny sole....everyone here wonders about your 'mental stability'.....now go do another line of crack

standing against every global mob mentality alone, I bet. Stay with your franchise and you won't know the end of it is over defending the faith real eternity doesn't count among your loyal union of self deceptionists.

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2 minutes ago, benson13 said:





never tried it and you insist I am a constant user. Why I don't take your misdirection personally as it is only a projection of character you use vocabulary against my self evident ancestral position showing how corrupted anyone practicing your vernacular doesn't want to understand life as it really functions in plain sight.

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38 minutes ago, benson13 said:

32% and going lower with Failed Trickle Down



and the rednecks are still cocky


38 minutes ago, benson13 said:



You are aware that top down politics is equal to inside trading done against everything else educated to think out of the box.  Your idea about getting to the core/central authority is socially upward while physically the reverse. 


and substance is always heavier than hypothetical values = intellectually accepting symbolism over understanding the self evident = fool me once shame on you. fool me twice shame on me, keep my ancestry fooled until extinction nobody saving society has a clue what went wrong or who started it when everyone of the species keeps going with corrupted interpretations defining life as it should be.


the whole is equal to the total sum of all its collective parts. Everything universal is eternally separated now kinetically. everyone here only argues possibilities it could be anything else except myself. Inaccurate or incomplete is never entirely wrong or absolutely correct.

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