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People of the choir for each interpretation of societal evolution in each geographical area intellectually defined by context in this atmosphere by latitude, longitude, attitude, platitude of believing real doesn't matter and defending social hypotheses is all that matters ancestrally.


Point of the title and first sentence that kinetically describes what humans do historically as ancestrally set apart as eternally separated in the moment here.


Corruption begins with denying now is the space everything of substance is eternally separated by compounding details changing the total sum so far.  Time relativity maintains the practice generation after generation between getting conceived and total extinction of this species as has been going on all the time.


Kind of like "Don't judge a book by its cover is a metaphor at comparing an ancestor as one of a kind."  But to understand the context of their soul purpose at not accepting self evident results equally separated now, define them by the company they keep or stay away from joining any side of misdirection cradle to grave.

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