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Is California a donnor state?


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"In January 2017, the California Legislative Analyst’s Office said by several measures California is, indeed, a donor state, but just barely. It receives $0.99 in federal expenditures per dollar of taxes paid, which is below the national average return for states of $1.22 per dollar paid, according to its review of a 2015 New York Comptroller study."


LA Times:


"Lawmakers have long lamented that Californians pay more in taxes than they receive back in services, hanging their hats on a 2007 report by the conservative Tax Foundation that California is a “donor state” that receives only 78 cents in services for each dollar in taxes paid. But state analysts point out that report added extra tax dollars from Californians — beyond those actually paid — to cover the state’s share of the federal deficit.


Perhaps more accurate is a 2015 state-by-state review compiled by New York officials, one that puts California much closer to breaking even — about 99 cents in federal services for every real dollar in taxes."






It appears the times, they are a changing for CA.


Why? Well one of the reasons follows.




"... the cost of living is skyrocketing. Six of the seven most unafordable cities in the US are in CA. For the same price as living in San Francisco you could afford to buy 2 new cars  every year. But those high costs aren't being covered by high paying jobs as the state's unemployment rate soars to 11%. Not even the highest taxes in the nation can keep the state from breaking under more than $1.3 trillion in debt.


And instead of fixing the state's roads or keeping dams like Oroville from collapsing, more than $30 billion a year, over 3/4 of all tax payer dollars, is spent supporting illegal aliens. That includes in-state tuition. Universities even offer illegals $25 million in financial aid. Nearly a million illegal aliens are now carrying California driver's licenses. In the counties like LA, where there are 144% more registered voters than residents of voting age, many fear that migrants are voting illegally. Americans are also paying nearly a billion dollars a year so that illegals can have auto insurance while paying billions more in welfare and low cost housing in the state where not even legal residents can find a place to live. So exactly what rights do people who are here illegally have, and who gave them to them? Well, Governor Jerry Brown just agreed to protect illegals from deportation, blocking state police from pursuing these criminals because leaders like Jerry Brown, Maxine Waters, Kevin Deleon and Diane Feinstein don't consider them illegals. Instead, Governor Brown calls them Californians. But real, law-abiding, Californians can't afford to bear these massive costs much longer. ...


Illegal Immigration Costs California Taxpayers More Than $25 Billion a Year, Finds FAIR






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