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Egypt’s options dwindling in its fight against militants

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CAIRO (AP) — The scale of the bloodshed was vastly higher than past militant attacks but the Egyptian government response the same: Three days of mourning, reassuring messages in the media that things are under control, and the president promising vengeance.


The identical pattern in the aftermath of Friday’s attack on a mosque in Sinai, which killed over 300 people, raises the question: Does Egypt have options left?





Gosh, who would have thought there are negative consequences to a military coup.

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the country is mostly Islam minority Christian.  Which side is the infidels and which are protected by Allah's will and sharia law? I ask that because religion has no geographical borders other than separated by vocabulary and political state of minds are confined to specific geographical areas of this atmosphere under written rule of law defining character features such as race, creed, color, national origin, gender, gender preference for mating partners, spiritual convictions, political leanings, academic intellect, artistic interpretation of possibilities making caricatures of what might exist if now wasn't self evidently supporting life simulatneously as universally positioned being eternally different all the time as spontaneously separated biologically.

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