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Trump Assumes $UPREME Power!!!!

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Trump Assumes $UPREME Power!!!!




November 25, 2017


"President Donald Trump* has the power he needs to put his top budget aide in charge of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), federal officials said on Saturday, weighing in on a battle for control over the powerful agency.


The leadership of the independent regulatory agency was thrown into question on Friday when its outgoing director Richard Cordray, a Democrat, named his deputy as his acting replacement, until the U.S. Senate confirms a new director.


The CFPB was created by former Democratic President Barack Obama in the wake of the financial crisis and has imposed steep penalties on banks, auto dealers, student lenders and credit card companies for alleged predatory lending practices.


Trump named White House budget director Mick Mulvaney, a fierce critic of the agency, to temporarily oversee the CFPB, until he nominates someone to take on the job - a pick expected in upcoming weeks, senior administration officials told reporters on a conference call.


Democrats, accusing the White House of finding a backdoor method to defang a banking watchdog, point to language in the Dodd-Frank law that created the CFPB, stipulating the deputy director replaces the director when he or she leaves."





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April 5, 2018


"Sometimes it seems like Donald Trump never met a number he didnt want to exaggerate, from his inauguration crowd to his net worth to his own height. But there’s one area in his administration that he doesnt need to embellish: staff turnover.


According to Politifact, by mid-March of this year, 43 percent of his most senior staff had quit, been reassigned, or been pushed out. Although that included the summary sacking of Rex Tillerson on March 13, it didn’t take into account the subsequent tweet-firings that ushered out H.R. McMaster and David Shulkin. Notably, all three of them, at least early on, were praised for their relevant experience, and in McMaster’s case for his record of speaking truth to power.


This dizzying rate of roster moves is seen by many as disruptive and destabilizing, incompatible with the function of the highest political office in the nation. Maybe so, but its the way Trump likes it. As I learned when writing a Trump family biography, this behavior is yet another indication of Donald Trump’s preferred management style. What looks like an HR department nightmare is actually a calculated and deliberate strategy by Trump to restyle his NEW business address to resemble the one where he has spent most of his work lifethe executive suite on the 26th floor of Trump Tower.


No doubt Trump saw his share of standard pyramid-style organizational charts during his two years at Wharton, but he has always preferred what anthropologists call “a circular hierarchy—or, in plain English, a wheel. A work-flow diagram at the Trump Organization would have put Donald Trump at the hub and connected him by spokes to his small number of top staff. They numbered about a dozen, and he hired them with the same kind of gut instinct that propelled his political rise—he didnt value traditional expertise as much as a willingness to give him undisputed loyalty and unlimited energy."





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4 minutes ago, MeWiseMagic said:

Dumb Donald is drowning in quicksand.


The more he aspires to be like his idols- Putin, Hitler, Saddam, Duterte, Kim Jong Un....the deeper he sinks in the quicksand!


Soon all that will be visible in the muck is his combover!!!

Your opinion...

doesn't make you right!!!

Now go cry some where else!!

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On 4/5/2018 at 11:06 AM, Fallopian said:

Holy crap you girls cry about nothing. OMG TRUMP IS A DICTATOR AH MUH GERD!







"Hey, Kim Jong-un is the head of a country, and I mean he is the strong head. Don't let anyone think anything different. He speaks, and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same."


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On 11/25/2017 at 1:54 PM, Craig234 said:

trump is breaking the law.



25 minutes ago, bigsky said:

how? by letting parents go to jail with their rug rats?






Ca$hing-In On The Presidency; Going As-Well-As Planned!!!

May 16, 2018


"In light of the news that entities controlled by the Chinese government will contribute $500 Million to an Indonesian development project that includes several Trump-branded properties, it’s worth taking a step back and marveling at how many powerful foreign groups and individuals appear to be attempting to influence the U.S.’s distinguished president by giving money or favors to his chintzy real-estate company and/or sketchy pals. And while there’s not conclusive evidence (yet) of such incentives having led directly to changes in the administration’s policies, there’s certainly no evidence that sending cash in the presidents general direction will hurt your chances of getting the hookup, so to speak, from the American government."





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On 11/25/2017 at 12:40 PM, Arris said:

He aspires to be a dictator like his buddy Putin





Czar Spanky "Suggests" Protesting Should Be Illegal

September 5, 2018


"President Trump has long derided the mainstream media as the “enemy of the people” and lashed out at NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem. On Tuesday, he took his attacks on free speech one step further, suggesting in an interview with a conservative news site that the act of protesting should be illegal."





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"If You're Not Scared About Fascism In the U.S.,

You Should Be!"

October 16, 2018


"Jason Stanley is professor of Philosophy at Yale University and has spent the better part of a decade studying fascism and fascist propaganda. Together with Adam Westbrook and Japhet Weeks, he produced a short video for the New York Times, suitable for sharing, that delivers a simple, direct and powerful warning about what this country is undergoing under Donald Trump."


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Trump Escalates Shutdown Crisis

January 7, 2019


"Donald Trump is threatening to burst out of his dead end on the government shutdown by wielding sweeping presidential power to declare a national emergency to bypass Congress and build his border wall.


"We're looking at a national emergency because we have a national emergency -- just read the papers," Trump told reporters at the White House on Sunday.


Trump's threat is a characteristic move from a President who often tries to escape a crisis by igniting an even bigger controversy, hoping to throw his enemies off balance and disguise his own vulnerable position.
But such a declaration could ignite a legal and political firestorm if he goes ahead, escalating the bitter showdown over the wall and his hardline immigration policies into a constitutional duel over executive power.
Talks over the weekend involving congressional staffers and led by Vice President Mike Pence failed to make meaningful progress toward ending the standoff. Trump is demanding more than $5 billion in wall funding before agreeing to reopen the government. Democrats have offered about $1.5 billion for border security, but no taxpayer dollars for a wall, which the President promised Mexico would pay for."


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