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Socialism vs. Capitalism - Soviet Province of Californicatestan Politburo mandates send electricity prices skyrocketing, but Texas free market policies keep prices low

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46 minutes ago, Blue Devil said:

Soviet Province of Californicatestan Politburo mandates send electricity prices skyrocketing.....


......Eclipsed, ONLY, by ENRON'S (and, Ahhhhhhhnold's) efforts to $ecure the Governorship!!






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1 hour ago, NoGhost said:

I think we should let Cali leave the union and start a new country. 


All the tree hugers, hippies and ultraliberals would migrate to there.

I don't think so, who wants to die in the filthy retard environments like Texas? Texas ranks #17 among states with 846 deaths per 100,000, above the national average. Ain't that smoggy goop state interesting with their free market of pollution spewing deaths. California on the other hand ranks #47 in a clean non-polluted environment for our citizens.


I don't oppose stupid people living in their pig sty of unregulated hazards, hopefully they will stay there and let Texas burying them often.





Houston, Texas, has some of the nation's highest readings of ozone, a key ingredient of smog that irritates lungs and can trigger asthma. “They’ve been fairly consistently against clean-air protections,” said Elena Craft, a senior health scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund. Texas, which opposes a tighter health standard for ozone, the main ingredient of smog, produces more ozone-causing pollutants from the vents and stacks of factories, power plants, and other facilities than any other state.


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