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Democracy is the corrupting agent intellectually used to corrupt self evident existence ancestrally.

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no defenders of make everyone believe real doesn't matter or they cannot become citizens of societal evolution dedicated to follow hypothetical standards ancestrally.


this is what America became 12 generations after its beginning of defending individual liberty.

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4 minutes ago, benson13 said:




You have posted pictures of 6 different people and 4 cartoon characters to represent your interpretation of what I could be just to avoid how accurate my description of human behavior has been conducted ancestrally so far.


Thank you for the thread bump though.

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1 minute ago, Five By Five said:


people try to do the right thing most of the time

want a trophy for that? Incomplete narratives never lead to honest understanding of the self evident of everyone living simultaneously here as evident by history of directing social outcomes of ancestry so far regardless the geographical area in this atmosphere.

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9 minutes ago, Five By Five said:

Sound like you like the guy.  Are you on NK's payroll sole??

I discredit his ideology and you project that as me liking him or that kind of society?  What a mind you adopted after birth. 45 years of pot smoking hasn't affected your instincts what so ever in your thinking and social rationed thoughts culturally by so many brains lost in translating actual existing into relative timelines.


do you understand how to defend your ancestral position while explaining why life operates exactly as being eternally separated now without physically destroying what each ideology put together historically as I am doing now for the last decade.

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