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GOP HATES children and the unborn babies

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repukes and cons and evangelicals and phony christians say that 

stopping two cells from dividing is "murdering a baby" and they hate 

those "children" so much, they demand to bring them into a life of 

poverty, ignorance, and diseases just so cons can have a steady 

supply of cheap labor.


but the GOP, babtists, evangelicals, and phoy christians of their party of 

 (Gross Obscene Perverts and Pedophiles) really HATE children 

because they vote for donkey holes like roy moore for senator pedophile.


And the GOP (Greedy Old Perverts and Pedophiles) really HATE unborn babies

because NOT ONLY do they want to bring impoverished babies into poverty 

and ignorance and diseases by closing women's health clinics, but the GOP

also uses deficit spending to finance the government rather than have their 

rich donors pay any taxes.


Deficit spending and FORCING future generations pay HUGE taxes for money the rich 

steal NOW is "taxation without representation" - the same slogan for which this 

country fought the war of independence from britain in the 1770s.


And you morons who vote for republicans are really voting AGAINST yourself, 

your children, and against future generations of babies.


So, it is important to call the baby by its real name.    The GOP and republicans

and conservatives voting for tax cuts for the filthy rich and tax increases for you and 

unborn babies are well and truly FILTHY.

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