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How to STOP Republican LIES!

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Campaign advertising is subject to the same FCC rules as any other advertising. Broadcasters can be fined or lose the licenses if they knowingly run false advertising. When you come across dishonest ads, file a complaint with the FCC and have your friends and family do the same. 


Troll the stations and contact their advertisers/sponsors. 


Boycott the station and advertisers. 


I persuaded a local car dealer and furniture store to stop advertising with a biased NBC affiliate. I refereed them to an agency that specializes in Youtube and other social media. Others will follow suit. 


Punk the liars. Go to their rallies and shout LIAR LIAR LIAR when they lie. Get local media interviews and quickly articulate the lie the liar told. 


Bring scary looking guys with you and give the liars supporters hard and menacing looks. 

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