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The violence of the right - forget the 'street violence'


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I made this post in an NHB thread but feel it's worth repeating here as a thread.


The thing is, the right is INHERENTLY harmful. I'm not talking about counting how many protesters commit acts of violence. I'm talking about the harm done by the core of the right-wing

ideology; George Will sits in his bow tie and calls for things like taking healthcare from tens of millions, killing thousands of people a year - that is real violence.

If someone robs you of $20 on the street, that's violence.

But Republicans fight against your income, against your rights as workers, against your civil rights, for tens of millions against your right to vote, against the environment leading to more killed by pollution and an increase in natural disasters and more - their economic policies kill many and commit violence against most of the American people.


The harm done to the American people by the Republican ideology and policies dwarfs the combined harm by enemies in our history, comparable only to a nuclear war if we had one.

Hell, putting aside the trillions of dollars they have redistributed to the 1% and harmed the American people so much by doing so, let's just recall one example - when science, that weapon of Democrats, said tobacco killed people, big tobacco paid Republicans who then spent years claiming it wasn't proven harmful. How many were killed by their backing big tobacco?

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It is a regrettable fact of life, in the USA,  that we live with a party that is, literally,  an enemy of the people.  And that they have been so successful in deceiving followers to think otherwise.

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Hi Craig234,


I have to agree wholeheartedly with this post! From the right what we get is a slug fest in how low we can go regarding screwing the economy, the people who might make up the stability of any economy that could be strong in the wealthiest nation on Earth that is free and democratic (hardy laughs, those of millions). 

WE have cast a pall of racism/sexism from the founding of this nation. We have vetted indiscriminate dismissal of treaty after treaty with the native people who inhabited the land before we took it over. WE the whites who were the first unlawful immigrants most of whom were uneducated impoverished and sold mostly lies.

What was the foundation behind the factory jobs in the first place? Most did not want to go to WWI, and even WWII until Pearl Harbor well after a WW depression/ Hitler / Japan.

Who the Bad word are we? Wholly Toledo, maybe The Batman knows...


I remember when the Batman was big in the sixties. We had a small bathroom downstairs. My WWII marine dad had left town by then and my brother was in Saigon. Detroit was amiss in a race war. We thought in the suburbs that they would blow up the water supply. Ford, GM, Chrysler, Michigan Sate. Economics 101. I was maybe eight years old and my mom was a nurse.

You know I was never a Democrat or a Republican then, or even now. I was always wanting to know about economics, what was the best way to most efficiently get the most done in a sustainable way trying to understand the finite resources that this land holds. 


We're racists. We are wrong. We need to say that. We need to say a whole lot of things up front. Then we need to define basic economics. Capitalism is the best we got, a lot of people say. 

We really don't have pure capitalism here by any measure. We should also honestly review what it means in other nations, in other cultures, prior to forcing it upon them. That's different than democracy in the sense of giving everyone a vote, a say in how their government should conduct it's own affairs. blah blah blah, right...


There is so much to work that needs to be done right now right here in this very country , and it just ain't even being begun in any large way. Well not yet, yet I still have hope. Bad word the Republican idea of tax reform!










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