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Corporal Punishment For Adults

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I oppose corporal punishment for children mostly on the basis that it is not effective and can cause damage to the child. Good parents don't use it.


When it come to these rich White privileged men who think that they can put their paws on women, I think a bully beatdown session would work wonders on them. The aim of the department of corrections is to correct but incarceration even with vocational programs has not been all that effective. 


Rich people often lack humility and one of the best ways to teach it to them is to make them feel the way their victims feel. Trash like Roy Moore could benefit from being kicked in the sack and publicly humiliated. While he may not learn humility it would act as a deterrent. 


Like Moore and th other perverts, Trump was a pampered baby man who never faced the consequences of his behavior. As a kid, Trump needed to be stepped on. Most kids can be pampered and indulged and still turn out fine but kids like Trump and Moore have psychopathic tendencies and if they are not corrected they will turn into full blown psychopaths and wreck many lives for as long as they live.


There are incorrigible adults and for the good of society they need to be broken. Let's break them!



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