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Repealing Net Neutrality - Returning FCC to ‘Rational’ Approach Over Internet

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Ajit Pai: Repealing Net Neutrality Returns FCC to ‘Rational’ Approach Over Internet


'We were not living in some digital dystopia prior to 2015'



The Federal Communications Commission's Ajit Pai is returning federal regulation of the internet to a "much more rational" approach by repealing net neutrality, the chairman said in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon.

Pai says he holds the "very radical" position of a hands-off approach to allow the internet to continue to flourish free from burdensome government rules.


Aside from more creative criticisms, the media are painting the repeal of the imam Barbie Davis-Soetoro Obammunist regime's unprecedented regulation two years ago as a Republican-led FCC siding with industry over consumers...







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