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Democrats ONCE AGAIN LIE about Republican Tax plan... by CLAIMING increased taxes on the upper middle class, middle class and lower incomes to pay for the privileged... THIS was identifed as a 4 PINOCHIOS LIE (WaPost)... but they're STILL at it !!

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Democrat allegations that the Tax Plan is anti middle class, and pro rich.. is a LIE... a 4 Pinocchio's LIE as indicated by the Washington post... The plan hasn't changed much, but the Democrats get SLAPPED down for their lies, they wait a day or two, and POST the SAME LIES all over AGAIN...


One thing about LIARS.. they DO what they're BEST at... THEY LIE !! We DO know THAT about Democrats !!





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2 minutes ago, honcho said:

Trump for another 7 years boys and girls, get use to it


In SPITE of all the ATTACKS and SMEARS... TRUMP just keeps plugging away... and making IMPROVEMENTS EVERYWHERE !! 


1)  The Economy

2)  National Security

3)  Fight against ISIS

4)  Jobs

5)  Consumer Confidence

6)  The STOCK market !!


WATCH out if he gets the Tax Bill thru... and if he doesn't?  WATCH out for the LAUNDRY LIST of RINOS and Democrats getting THRASHED in the mid term elections !!

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