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The Limerick Thread

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10 minutes ago, bludog said:

A phreak named disinformation

Thought he could get a sensation

By rubbing his member

On a rusty car fender

Which led to a messy castration.


Not bad loser. Did your mommy write for you? 


A BlueDog Dem is a rightie

Like a Republican he is quite flighty

Tell lies bout Benghazi while sucking off Nazis

While wearing his mommy's pink nightie


Oh what a sore loser is BlueDog

His brain's in his butt like a big clog

He lost a debate because he's a light weight

But want to be some big shot demagogue 


He met Russian Disinformation

Which caused BlueDog much agitation

So then he broke the rules and now he eats stools

And his man boobs have started lactation. 


I think you had better face facts

The rules they forbid your attacks

If you don't knock it off the final pay off

Will be your fat butt getting the ax. 


Face power you power tripping dolt I'm a lot smarter that you on my worst day than you are on your best day. You would be smart to apologize for publishing my IP. There are laws regarding cyber harassment. You really messed up. You lack the temperament and judgment to be a moderator. You'd do better on twitter trolling there. 

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5 minutes ago, bludog said:

The disinformation lass

Has balls made out of brass

He rubbed them together

With two twigs and a feather

And lightening shot out of his ass.



Plagiarism  that is a known limerick with a few changes and now it doesn't even make sense. YOU are pathetic.


There are liberals and there are posers

And jerks like BlueDog who are hosers

He's quite a sick twit and very dim wit

Cause he trailer went into foreclosure



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10 hours ago, Chiseler said:


liberals smell like poo

i totally thought you knew

they cant find jobs

they live like slobs 

and blame their failure on you


Related image

Liberals have much higher incomes

Brains and hard work it comes from

Righties are lazy stupid and crazy

And trailer parks now are their slums


Image result for Red state socialism

The red states are full losers

Perverts, racists and boozers

Blue states pay the freight 

Of those vulgar ingrates  

Those beggars want to be choosers.


Image result for fat righties


Righties are very obese

Their food they all cook it in grease

They're sick and their ailing

Have great moral failings

And they prefer war over peace


Image result for fat redneck woman

The alt-right woman's no Venus

She stinks because she hates cleanness

This rank hairy beast has a crotch full of yeast

That would rot off any man's pe nis

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3 minutes ago, Chiseler said:

liberal clowns are sleazy

their tactics are really greazy

they wont admit

they're full of shlt

they made taking the white house easy



In a Democracy majority rules

And righties are pathetic fools

The lack basic knowledge

And the electoral college

Installed one of Putin's tools. 

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1 minute ago, Chiseler said:

liberals love to lie

they also love to cry

they step in sh it

then throw a fit

their facts is in short supply


Trump bathed in hooker pi ss

For trumptards ignorance is bliss

With Trump orange and yellow

His criminal fellows

Put democracy in the abyss


Image result for Melania trump lesbian

Trump he married a hooker

A rug licker but quite a looker

But she can't give him head

When he takes her to bed

With his balls in a pressure cooker

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20 minutes ago, Chiseler said:

its not a democracy

its a republic dummy

learn the two

be sure that you do

your education was obviously crummy


Righties are very erratic

And claim the US is not democratic

They parrot Fox News

And spew Nazi views

And truth to them is problematic

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12 minutes ago, Chiseler said:

no liberal ever was laid

unless someone was paid

you're out of luck

you're just a cuck

go join the gay pride parade 


Image result for divorce map

Liberals have normal sex lives

And are less prone to cheat on their wives

But righties are louses

Who cheat on their spouses

And rarely stay married for life.

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