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FAUX Noise vs. RUSSIA!!!!

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Ex-Fox News Radio reporter Jessica Golloher told British authorities that Fox refused to allow her to travel to Moscow to investigate Donald Trump’s Russia connections. When contacted, Fox did not deny the allegation.

From Bloomberg:

“You can’t do in-depth reporting if you’re not there,” said Jessica Golloher, a former Fox Radio correspondent who is suing the division for gender discrimination, at a gathering with U.K. lawmakers and citizens in Parliament on Monday. “Fox didn’t let me go to Moscow to dig into Trump’s Russian connections, even when I offered to pay my own way.”

“Fox is just buying what the White House is selling,” she said.

Golloher’s remarks were part of the British inquiry into whether 21st Century Fox’s desired takeover of Sky would meet its broadcasting standards.

When Bloomberg contacted Fox, the network did not deny Golloher’s claim but regurgitated its refutation of her gender discrimination lawsuit filed in May.

Short of a recording of Donald Trump and Fox News colluding over coverage that's favorable to him, it's hard to think of better proof that Fox News is more interested in pro-Trump propaganda than legitimate news.

Read more at http://www.newshounds.us/former_reporter_fox_blocked_me_digging_trump_s_russia_ties_112117#fOpiCtum5tjb7pF3.99

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