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Secret to TRUMPS SUCCESS... it's not "racisn"... it's the ECONOMY and NATIONAL SECURITY Stupid !!

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If Democrats think they will beat Donald Trump in 2020 with a Hope, a DREAM, and Russian Collusion LIES... they are fooling themselves JUST as much as they did on 2016, when Hillary thought she could beat him with personal attacks and NOTHING more...




Bottom Line:


Quote:  "If Republicans often are climate-change deniers, Democrats living in their coastal bubbles are too often deniers of economic reality. To their minds, Trump’s victory in November is so irrational and incomprehensible, there must be something sinister behind it. If they continue to deny the economic roots of his appeal, they are guaranteeing his victory in 2020."


1)  Consumer Confidence at 17 year high,

2)  the Stock Market at ALL TIME highs,

3)  Unemployment rate at 17 year LOW,

4)  Economic GROWTH over 3% for last 2 quarters (NEVER achieved by Obama),

5)  MI6 DECIMATED by Trump deportations (Americans are SAFER),

6)  ISIS on the RUN in Syria and Iraq (ISIS now controls NO cities... )



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