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This settles it. How can this not be true??!!!! Alex Jones: I know the Las Vegas gunman was a liberal because he drank Pepsi

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1 minute ago, honcho said:

He is like your bernie boy or count hilda,but then again you girls worship them. This boy is like them, in a delusional world



Out comes the wet panties Hillary defense!!!




I didn't vote for her, I'm not a Dem,  but I am glad we found another righty who has a poster of Hillary on your bedroom ceiling with stains all over it


Heh, heh, heh





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1 minute ago, Chiseler said:

lets all take a quick survey.  type 1 if you drink coke, 2 if you drink pepsi.

i'm a 1



Looks who's here


Our InfoWars greatest defender of Truth, Justice, and the American way!!


Alex Jones!!!!

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