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HOW MANY Democrats are gouing to get PAINTED as SEXUAL Predators? Seems EVERY DAY there are MORE, and MORE... and MORE !!

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HOW IS IT that the democrats can be so "Holier than THOU"... regarding these types of things... BUT, the REALITY WAS, that THEY were just HIDING it. with the help of the Media, and all their Rich and Powerful friends...  But, NOW, it' ALL falling apart...


NOW even MORE women are coming forward accusing Bill Clinton of Sexual ABUSE !!   not to mention more and more women coming forward accusing Al Franken, Harvey Wienstien, just about EVERYONE in Hollywood, and RICH and Powerful Democrats ALL ACROSS America !!



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9 hours ago, benson13 said:

Wow...look at Frankin PRETENDING to touch her 

poor s'hitstain beanie weenie.


His MORAL HIGH GROUND is being EVAPORATED at the very moment he TRIES to claim it!!!


Face it, s'hitstain, YOUR PARTY is nothing but PERVERTS and A$$HOLES!!



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Maxine Waters said Conyors was man of impeccable character. Dems said it was just about sex with slick willie. Now dems are falling fast because they thought that if slick willie could do it they could could too. Bimbo eruptions all over the dems. Vast right wing conspiracies. Dems now beating up on the women accusing them. hahahahaaa. Must be those narcissist loony tune women as hilarity called them. Bye bye dems. Trump 2020.

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