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9 minutes ago, superds77 said:

I thought liberals wanted a tax increase?


......Just like the ones that ACTUALLY WORKED!!!!!



  "Not only was the entire national deficit eliminated after raising taxes on the wealthy in 1993, but the economy grew so fast for the remainder of the decade that many conservative economists thought that the Fed should raise the prime interest rate in order to slow it down."





"Clearly, this is a job-killer in the short-run. The impact on job creation is going to be devastating."

— Rep. Dick Armey, (Republican, Texas)


"The tax increase will…lead to a recession…and will actually increase the deficit."

— Rep. Newt Gingrich (Republican, Georgia)


"I will make you this bet. I am willing to risk the mortgage on it…the deficit will be up; unemployment will be up; in my judgment, inflation will be up."

—Sen. Robert Packwood (Republican, Oregon)


"The deficit four years from today will be higher than it is today, not lower."

—Sen. Phil Gramm (Republican, Texas)


"The President promised a middle-class tax cut, yet he and his party imposed the largest tax increase in American history. We hope his higher taxes will not cut short the economic recovery and declining interest rates he inherited… Instead of stifling growth through higher taxes and increased government regulations, Republicans would take America in a different direction."

—Sen. Robert Dole (Republican, Kansas)








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1 minute ago, Phoenix68 said:


......Just like the ones that ACTUALLY WORKED!!!!!






So you believe that the tax increases created the 1990's boom?


Perhaps the dot-com businesses and the republican congress has just a little to do with that?

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