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Hardcore Trump Supporters AKA Deplorables Turning On Him

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‘He’s Embarrassed Me’: In North Carolina, Trumpists Start to Turn

These people are still brainwashed morons but they are smart enough to see that Trump is the worst Republican ever. While these people are dishonest alt-right morons, they can no longer the one man clown show that is Donald J Trump. 


When will the alt-right trash here on LF pull their heads out of their smelly butt and see Trump for the disaster that he is?

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  • These people are still brainwashed morons



king of the country

I ordered 2 MAGA hats yesterday theyvsre made in America 
Comrade personreal
'Trump is the best president in US history of the solar system'


I've been in a couple survival bunkers. There is no way you and your gang of homies are going to break into one. Nor do you have any idea where tunnels leading to and from the bunker go to. So, while you are being watched when within range of a private bunker, you have no idea what the occupants of that bunker have in store for you. I'm not an expert on bunkers, but at least I've been inside two to see how they work and how they are constructed.

I can't wait to read what you have to say about bunkers...........from your own experience.


All Republicans and All Conservatives better arm themselves to the teeth. Buy everything you want or may need now while we have a reprieve from dingbat Democrat gun and ammo bans. Then, you better get all the quality training you can possibly obtain which should include:

1. Defensive handgun training
2. Offensive combat training
3. Drive-by shooting - how to avoid them; how to use them as an offensive tactic
4. Militia and group combat training
5. Target Identification and speed training;
6. Defense of Home, Car, Person and how to handle the law.

If you still don't believe we are in a civil war, there is no helping you. Gun-Up. Train-Up. Godspeed.

I 2nd that
Get armed
Get some body armor

SKOOBYDOO..(May 2007)
'If Iraq didn't attack America on 9-11, who did? 


"trumps doing a fine job"



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2 hours ago, MeWiseMagic said:

The so-called 'supporters' of this filth Trump are finally admitting that the psychotic narcissist, idiot moron, white supremacist , con artist, pathological liar, admitted sexual predator, has never given a $HIT about them...






Well, it gets harder and harder to shout the lies and talking points to defend that idiotic scumbag when even your neighbors start rolling their eyes at you.

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