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Google ain't want it used to be. They keep messing with their algorithms either out of stupidity or to manipulate search results. It used to be that Bing and Google were close when it came to results. Google tracks used BIG time. When a friend comes over with an iPad or a laptop and why type in the same search term we get different results. Is there something sinister going on? Could be. Google/YouTube is screwing its Youtube creators out of revenue.


Federal Lawsuit Alleging Google Improperly Censored Search Results ...

Europe has fined Google $2.7 billion for manipulating search results ...


Bing seems better and when it comes to privacy I have read that it is better. I also notice that when I use Bing or Duck Duck Go I get less spam and spyware. DuckDuck Go is not as pretty but it gives good results as does Bing and Bing is better for Image searches.


Google is getting sleazy. I think it needs to get knocked off its high horse.


Your thoughts?

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