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Shady People in the Tramp Tower


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Tramp's Towers sure fill up with criminals.


Helly Nahmad, Floor 51: Nahmad was sent to prison for five months in 2014 for running a high-stakes gambling ring.


Ernie Garcia, Floors 48 through 49: chairman of used car dealer DriveTime plead guilty to bank fraud in 1990 in connection to the collapse of Charles Keating’s Savings and Loan.


Paul Manafort, Floor 43: Trump’s former campaign manager, who resigned in August, Mueller's personal property.


Susetta Mion, Floor 32: Looted her mother’s bank accounts and possessions and carting it all across the Atlantic



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2 minutes ago, LaughinAtLefty said:

Do we not pay for all Presidents, their places, travel and family security?


By George, we do.


Sorry, the rules aren't going to change because you've decided to get your panties all wadded up

Kick out all the other a-ss hole criminals so the tax payers are not paying to protect them

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3 minutes ago, LaughinAtLefty said:


If you're hanky is so full of tears, maybe you should buy them out. Sorta puttin' your money where your mouth is type of thing.



Cost too much money. it would be cheaper to just shoot them

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