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The TRUMP 15!!!!

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FAIR & BALANCED.....as-long-as there's no math involved.




November 19, 2017


"Fox Business Host Maria Bartiromo intended for her eight-minute discussion to be devoted to attacking Sen. Al Franken. Unfortunately for her, the discussion will more likely be remembered for her unintentionally hilarious claim that “there are no allegations” against Donald Trump.

All seemed to go according to Bartiromo’s plan until about 5:30 when she mentioned that Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand had said that Bill Clinton should have resigned after his relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky came to light. It was meant as a partisan threefer: suggesting that Franken should resign, making it the hand of a Democrat and reminding us about Bill Clinton.


Bartiromo’s effort backfired.


Guest Chris Lu, a former adviser to President Barack Obama, correctly pointed out that Gillibrand later clarified that she was looking at Clinton’s conduct under the current political environment.


Lu obviously hit one of Bartiromos Trumpster nerves.


BARTIROMO: What do you mean, how do you differentiate? … There’s a picture. What do you need to differentiate? … The evidence is clear, right?


LU: The picture’s there but as your own network has reported, there are now, I think eight or nine women who have made allegations against against Roy Moore, there’s probably equal numbers that have made allegations against the president.


Actually, the number is 15 women, on the record, who have spoken out about Trump's sexual abuse, according to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes."




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