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We’re at Cyberwar

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I urge you to watch the series Cyberwar. If you don't think many of the righties on LF are Russian operatives think again.  They are here. Some are clever some are fools. Some are unwitting trolls and other are under the direct control of the Kremlin. There is not point in debating then because they are going to do what CONS have done for decades, they will lie distort and deflect. What we need to do is expose and attack and discredit them.

Cyberwar - VICELAND

Cyberwar (TV Series 2016– ) - IMDb

We’re at cyberwar. And the enemy is us.


By David Von Drehle Columnist November 17 at 7:27 PM 

The United States and its allies are under attack. The cyberwar we’ve feared for a generation is well underway, and we are losing. This is the forest, and the stuff about Russian election meddling, contacts with the Trump campaign, phony Twitter accounts, fake news on Facebook — those things are trees.


We’ve been worried about a massive frontal assault, a work of Internet sabotage that would shut down commerce or choke off the power grid. And with good reason. The recent exploratory raid by Russian hackers on American nuclear facilities reminds us that such threats are real.


But we failed to prepare for an attack of great subtlety and strategic nuance. Enemies of the West have hacked our cultural advantages, turning the very things that have made us strong — technological leadership, free speech, the market economy and multi-party government — against us. The attack is ongoing.


With each passing week, we learn more. Russia and its sympathizers have cranked up the volume on existing political and cultural divisions in the West, like some psychic version of the Stuxnet hack that caused Iran’s nuclear centrifuges to spin so fast they tore themselves to pieces. They’ve exploited the cutting-edge algorithms of Facebook and Google to feed misinformation to Americans most likely to believe and spread it. They have targeted online ads designed to intensify our hottest culture wars: abortion, guns, sexuality, race. They have partnered with WikiLeaks, the supposed paragon of free speech, to insert propaganda into influential Twitter accounts — including @realDonaldTrump. They have created thousands of phony online identities to add heat to political fever swamps.




If we are clever we can turn their trolling around on them. They use social media to sow discord and heat up the culture wars. This could actually be a good thing. They have brought the Nazis out of the woodwork and now we have a really good idea of exactly how vast the Nazi infestation is. 


TRUTH WINS! Truth is our best weapon and the most effective truth is the unvarnished and unsanitized truth. We can't be pulling punches with these trolls. Learn what you can about psy-ops and Russian cyber espionage and ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!


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