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GOP Tries To Steal Seats In AZ State House


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This is just one example of what ruthless Republicans are doing in any state they can.


They are trying to oust legitimately elected, Arizona State Senator Nicole Cannizzaro.  They attempted to subvert the will of the voters with an aggressive and dishonest smear campaign.  Then they submitted a petition with just 16,875 signatures to the Clark County Registrar of Voters.  The state requires a minimum of 14,975 sigs.


Many of these signatures may have been forged and many others were signed by persons not eligible because they are not registered to vote or did not vote in the 2016 election in which Cannizzaro became a senator.


Cannizzaro is the third of a trio of Democratic state senators the Republicans have tried to oust, in order to gain a senate majority.


The Clark County Registar's Office will now go through steps of examination, verification and removal of fraudulent signatures.  The petition will next go to the Republican Secretary of State and people will be given a chance to remove their signatures.  This Republican Secretary of State, Michele Reagan, will ultimately decide if a recall election should be held.


Democrats have also filed a federal lawsuit that seeks to stop the recalls before any elections can happen. A federal judge set a court date of Nov. 29 for oral arguments in that case.



Republicans, around the Nation have become representatives of dishonesty and evil.  Elected Republican officials are no longer public servants.  They are in it strictly for the money.  They will do anything to obtain the reigns of power, by which they build wealth.  Essentially, they sell legislation to the highest bidder while paying only lip-service to the constituents who elected them.  They get re-elected by outspending their Democratic opponents and lying to their base.





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Nevada, not Arizona. Republicans are good at these games. In California, they were able to get the public to recall the re-elected Democratic Governor, Gray Davis, for no good reason and replace him with the incompetent Republican, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, an embarrassment to the state.


For that matter, Richard Nixon's political career began because Orange County businessmen decided they wanted a puppet who would represent their interests. They funded Nixon's campaign and gave him a slush fund he demanded, and in return he ran a smear campaign red baiting the Democrat who was one of the best in Congress.


He later admitted how false his attacks had been against Jerry Voorhis - who had been recognized as the 'most honest' Congressman  He was the leader of the progressive Congressmen, about 50 - the Bernie Sanders at the time.

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